Danang Vietnam Travel Guide

Danang Travel Guide

It is now summer and you are planning for your vacation trips. To those who have not readied their vacation trips yet, it is now time to consider going to Danang, Vietnam. So, here’s a Danang travel guide and some Danang travel tips you can equip yourself with.

Overview of Danang, Vietnam

Danang is considered as the 3rd largest city in Vietnam. It is situated in the coast of South China Sea and is between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as well as of Central Vietnam. The city does not have the same characteristics as its neighbor cities. It is due to its own character. That it includes its own charm and sights to fascinate its visitors. This factor made the place a perfect destination for those who want to do some exploration while having a fun vacation.

Danang Weather – The Best Time to Travel

The city is among the few places in the country that have a predictable weather. The temperature in the place gets high along the months of May until September, which can go up to 24⁰ Celsius. As for the remaining months, the temperature always stays not below 20. But, the rainy season does come during the months September until January. This only means that if you are planning to spend a vacation here, you should plan it along the months of February to May. For one of the Danang travel tips, the summer months must be avoided, which are from June to August. It is the time when domestic tourists are spending their trips as well.

Getting There and Getting Around Danang

Danang offers several transportations means. Foreigners can reserve flight trips anytime. Tourists can get to the city by train or bus. Tourists opting for the train have the Reunification Express to get to Danang. For tourists opting for the bus, there is a large city station where they can start their journey. Passengers will have the chance to see the magnificent scenery along the way between Danang and Hue. As for getting around the city, tourists can also do so by means of bus. Although bus service is limited here, they can rely on it to take them anywhere around.

Things To Do and See

Danang Insider Guide:

The city has lots of activities to offer and places to visit. Some of these include:

The Linh Ung Temple

It shows the stunning view of the sky and sea along with the statue of Quan The Am, which is facing the ocean.

Marble Mountains

The attraction is 9 kilometers from south of downtown. These mountains include Kim Son or Mountain of Metal, Moc Son or Mountain of Wood, Thuy Son or Mountain of Water, Tho Son or Mountain of Earth and Hoa Son or Mountain of Fire.  A featured cave is present in which a steep climb has to be climbed first to get to the destination and see the magnificent sceneries from the mountain’s top.

Things to Do

There are a lot of things that can be done in Danang. Biking, motor biking and of course, sightseeing are just some of these. The motorbike ride to the Monkey Mountain is just one of the activities that can be done. Ride up to the mountain through a motorbike and do some sightseeing during the trip. Tourists who love the beach should not miss going to My Khe Beach to experience and see its beauty.

Danang Destination Guide: Where and What to Eat and Drink

The city offers more than just activities and sceneries. There are lots restaurants, coffee shops and bars that tourists can go to while here. A variety of food is also available, especially sea food including fish, clams, snails, squid, shrimp and many more. Restaurants offer various cuisines from international to Vietnamese. Specialty foods can also be tried out from these eating places, which range from food stalls to top notch restaurants. One example of these restaurants is the Bread of Life where most of the staff is deaf. As for the drinks, if there is one drink that tourists should not miss, that would be coffee. The same with food, the available coffee here is offered in various prices too.

Where to Stay

Plenty of small hotels are lining the east side of Tran Hung Dao St. river. For tourists who are on a budget, Pham Phu Thu is the place where they should reserve accommodations since there are lots of budget hotels here.


Danang is no different than other tourist destinations in the world. The place has lots of activities and tourist spots that can busy the visitors by day and a selection of bars and discos at night. Red Hot Bar and Green Town Bar are just some of the places where tourists can enjoy a great nightlife.

Where to shop and What to Buy

Shops are lining the place of Danang. Coffee, clothing, sandwiches and other dry goods are often the ones sold here. Walk some more and the neighborhood market can be seen. It is where souvenirs can be purchased by tourists. Supermarkets are also present where supplies can be bought.