Hoi An Vietnam Travel Guide

Hoi An Travel Guide

Hoi An is an ancient port city in Vietnam that oozes with history and charm. This city has escaped miraculously from the tragic Vietnam War. Although Hoi An carries on its traditional life, this amazing city still caters wonderfully to a lot of visitors and tourists. It offers hotels, restaurants, tailor’s shops, bars, and souvenir shops. These establishments can be found in the center of this old city. When you are planning to visit this place, this Hoi An travel guide will be very helpful to you.

When is the best time to go

Hoi An Vietnam experiences fairly good weather most days of the year. However, it experiences frequent rain fall during October to January. In the months of May to September, this place has an excellent weather condition ideal for travelling. During this time of the year, rain fall seldom occurs in this place. The temperature in Hoi An usually ranges from 24 to 30 degree Celsius. This weather condition is just perfect for the activities you wish to do on your visit.

How to get there & around

You can easily reach Hoi An Vietnam by air. A local airport is located in Danang, which has connections to Ho Chi Min City, Hanoi. There are also local mini buses that will take you to your hotel for as low as $5. If you want to have more privacy and convenience, you can opt for a private taxi, which charges a little more. You can go around this old town by strolling down the streets. It is closed to big vehicles and cars. However, you can try motorbikes if you really want to go around the place. In addition, there are some establishments that offer bicycles for hire. This is a perfect idea if you have a taste for adventure and you want to explore the place at a slow pace.

Things to see and do in Hoi An

If you still want to know a lot of things about Hoi An Vietnam, before you decide to go there, you can look for Hoi An insider guide. You will be able to find a lot of useful information there for sure. Of course, there will also be Hoi An travel tips that will guide you on how you can get the most out of your travel in this place. An excellent Hoi An destination guide provides information such as the tourist spots and the things you can enjoy in the place. Here are some of the amazing things that you must see and enjoy when you visit the place.

  • Tran Family Chapel

This is constructed by Tran Tu Nhac. This structure is built with Japanese and Chinese influences and is ringed by high fences and a garden.

  • Japanese Bridge Pagoda

This is one of Hoi An’s most popular landmarks. There is story behind it which involves a monster named Cu, which was so huge that its head is in India and the tail is in Japan.

  • Tan Ky House

The ceiling of this structure forms the shape of a crab shell. You can find and read beautiful poems in this house.

  • Sa Huynh Culture Museum

This structure incorporates the Museum of Revolution. You can find weapons used in the war such as machine guns and grenade launchers.

  • Museum of History and Culture

This museum showcases interesting and wonderful photographs from the 20th century.

  • Cu Dai Beach

This beach is found along the South China Sea. It brags about clean white sand and palm trees.

  • My Son Holy Land

This is located in a jungle inside two ranges of mountain. This serves as venues for some religious ceremonies.

There are other beautiful tourist spots in Hoi An Vietnam including the Hoi An harbor, Zen spa, marble mountains, Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park and the Cham Museum in Danang. There are also a lot of things that you can do and enjoy in the city. You can rent a bicycle to explore the place. You can take your snacks at nearby establishments. You can also rent a basket boat that you can use as you go fishing.

Where to eat and drink

If you are a food lover, you can go to the famous Cargo Club Restaurant and Patisserie. Here you can enjoy a lot of delicacies especially the exotic ones. You can try their famous “grilled tofu with grass” or “banana pancake with bile honey”. There are other foods you can find in their menu which include roasted fennel, goat cheese salad and spicy seafood noodle soup.

Where to stay

Hoi An Vietnam is a fantastic place to discover. You can find nice hotels where you can stay. There are also mini bars and restaurants which are ideal for nightlife. You can also buy souvenirs from souvenir stalls found at the center of this old town. Lastly, you can also find traditional clothing made in various tailor’s shops in the place. Nevertheless, you will truly enjoy a lot once you discovered so many wonderful things in this place.