Nha Trang Vietnam Travel Guide

Nha Trang Vietnam Travel Guide

Nha Trang is surfing and beach capital of Vietnam. The area is fascinating, with its towering mountains intimidating behind its city and the comprehensive stretching beach in a distance. The beach was given enormous make over the past years; they built sculpture garden and parks along the shore. Few blocks away the coasts are the high rise hotels, international resorts, sophisticated bars, elegant restaurants and souvenir shops. It’s not just the glorious coastline and blissful beaches that characterize Nha Trang since it also offers international food flavors. You may forget the capitals curfew as people plays late especially when the nightlife hit up.

When is the best time to visit

It’s best to visit during summer to enjoy the beach and beach related activities, since winter makes the area so cold and hard for people to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the sea. Summer is the times were a lot of people book reservation and visits the area. Just be sure to book early reservation in your desired hotel since this is the time that accommodations are full.

How to get there and around

In roaming around the city tourist may use train. This is great for travelers who want to try something unusual. Its railway station is near the cathedral the north part of the town. Soft sleeper is also available, this is the high class Vietnamese train, tickets can also be bought form the station but it’s recommended to book in advance.

The city also offers Private Car-Rental with driver and modern air-conditioned cars for the amount of 1,000,000VND a day. Prices for car rental usually get high during holiday especially during Tet or New Year of Vietnamese’s. Tourist must avoid booking ahead of time since the price get’s really high.

Various open tour busses arrive Ho Chi Minh City with 10-12 hours and Hoi An with 16 hours of travel. Passengers were drop in main tourist destination near Biet Thu. Avoid booking trip with TM Brother Bus, since they contain negative reputation. Some of their seats were broken with cockroach, even if their bus is much less cheaper compared to others for sure you don’t want to travel that your safety is being at sake, right? Look for reputable bus company for a safe and comfortable travel.

Nha Trang Destination Guide:

  • Vinpearl Land: to be able to reach Vinpearland or Vinpearl tourist must take a cable car. They will enjoy the small Tivoli, restaurants, Aquarium Underwater World and water park that prefers exciting wave pool and slides. Their amusement park has 4D cinema, pirate ship, roller coaster, modern arcade, laser show and musical fountain.
  • Money Island: enjoy a ferry which has a lot of monkeys. They offer simple go cart tract and circus at 10AM. This can be reach by means of local buses, closes at 5PM and two ways ticket cost 120,000 dong.
  • Nha Tranglive: this is where local paintings large collection can be seen, with free use offer for their computers and wireless. Po Nagar Cham Towers: this is the religious area of Nha Trang local Buddhists.
  • Mud baths and Thap Ba Hot Springs: this offers thermal waterfall, cool and hot swimming pools.
  • Bai Duong Beach is situated 1.5 kilometer north over main bridge street Tran Phu. This beach is much smaller compared to the main tourist attraction; its water is warmer, cleaner, calmer, gentler and best for swimming relaxation.

Nha Trang is perfect for outdoor activities like:

  • Scuba Diving- dozens of scuba diving shops to choose from that offers lesson with high quality equipment.
  • Parasailing- person can harness up through sea air when the speed boat is towed. This has especial parachute contains wing like extensions.
  • Jet ski- people can rent Jet Ski and enjoy the water. Just ensure that your life jacket is fastening securely.
  • Sailing- they just not offer typical sailing but there are some who offers sailing lesson for those who are interested to learn and try it on their own.
  • Sea Kayaking- kayak can be rented, enjoy and relax while paddling.
  • Boat cruise- this area is flanked with 71 islands. The sea is crystal clear that is why plethora boat trip are daily heading. Enjoy parties or even fishing.
  • Rafting and bicycle tour: this is the best enjoyable way to enjoy the beauty of countryside. This can be combined with rafting in Cai River.
  • Ride in Hot Air Balloon: mostly rides takes to the height for about 150 meters which includes 20minutes stop that people will enjoy the view of city, bay and sea.
  • Nha Trang Paintball Game: is an excursion day that most people enjoy, a gun will be provided with protective equipment and gear.

Where to eat

Enjoy the food with variety of fancy restaurants to choose from: Nha Trang Restaurants, Vung Tau Restaurants, Phu Quoc Island Restaurants, Hue Restaurants, Mui Ne and Phan Theit Restaurants and a lot more.

Nightlife in Nha Trang

Nightlife in the area changes dramatically, lots of clubs, bars and pubs are available. This areas are not really expensive compared to others, they offers some of draft cheapest beer in the whole world. One of the top bars is: Envy Lounge and Wine Shop, Crazy Frog, Beer pong, Red Apple Club, Why Not Bar and The Wave.

Where to shop

Variety of shops, items that can be bought in Nha Trang: tourist will surely love their T-shirts that are made with raw cotton; the designs are very clever and inspired by Asian and Vietnamese Culture. Dam Market Stalls offers everything, from clothes, electronics and spices. Nha Trang Center, people can buy variety of international brands with good price. Sun sport Sportswear Store, the only place where can people buy their beach shorts, sportswear, running shoes, accessories and jogging shorts.