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Acting positively, traveling responsibly

A better way to travel

Recent fears about the potential damage that mass tourism is having on the environment has led to much talk of sustainable vacations and responsible tourism. Responsible travel is all about protecting the environment and respecting the culture of the country in which you are staying, as well as its culture. The social and economic benefits of adopting a responsible travel plan should mean that visitors leave more positive impacts than negatives

Why Responsible Travel with Ume

Travelling Responsibly – It’s our thing

At Ume we are committed to sustainable tourism, with a real dedication to the protection of the ecology of Vietnam and its population.

With a few carefully implemented policies, Ume ensures that we can offer our guests terrific experiences without damaging the local environment. Safe in the knowledge that you will not only enjoy your trip but also support the local economy, you are sure to get maximum enjoyment from your trip.

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What We Do

Tips for your travels

Sustainable tourism is at the heart of our business. We are acutely aware of the impact tourism has on local environments and are educated on the positive actions we can all take to support local people and cultures.

  • We ensure our services and products are environmentally friendly
  • We hold cultures and communities in the highest regard and ensure we respect everyone

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