Sapa Vietnam Travel Guide

Sapa Travel Guide

About Sapa Travel Destination

If you are looking for a destination that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Sapa is definitely the best spot to select. Sapa is located in the northwest portion of Vietnam. Sapa is now becoming more and more popular tourist destination as it offers unique level of experience. Sapa is known for its rugged scenery and diverse in culture. This is an incredible picturesque town that makes it as one of the tourist destinations in the world.

The Ideal Time to Visit Sapa

The weather in Sapa is tropical just like other neighboring countries located in Southeast Asia. The best time to travel and visit Sapa is from March to May and from September to December. It is not ideal to visit Sapa during wet season as the roads can be prone to landslide. Summer time is the best spot for you to experience the charm of Sapa Vietnam.

Sapa travel guide is all you need in order for you to know the best attractions and things to do while you are in this destination. This will give you the comprehensive information that you will need in discovering Sapa.

How to Get In Sapa?

  • Train – To get in Sapa is quite easy as there are several forms of transportation that you can use to travel. Train is one of the most convenient ways to get in Sapa. On the other hand, from Hanoi you have to take the train for 9 hours.  If you love long-journeys then you can select this form of transportation, wherein you can able to enjoy the sceneries of Vietnam.
  • Bus -If you don’t want to ride on a train, the bus is another excellent option for you to reach Sapa. There are several types of buses that you can select. Sleeping buses is an ideal option if you want to lie-down while on the trip, but you need to pay 400, 0000 NVDs. These buses can be booked from travel agency. Minibuses are also another option, but they can travel longer as they only drive slowly.
  • Motorcycle – Motorcycle is another choice of transportation to reach Sapa unless you are willing to experience long hours of grueling traveling for about 10hours.  You can take various routes to arrive in Sapa.  You can rent these motorcycles in

Once you reached the main village of Sapa, the attractions and sceneries can be located on foot since the town is just small. It would be best if you hold a basic map for a comprehensive travel guide for you to enjoy your vacation.

Things to do and See in Sapa

Sapa is an attractive mountain town, bordered by picture perfect rice terraces and mountains. You can also enjoy the impressive sceneries of nearby hills. There are various gardens that you can see when you visit Sapa.  A day or two would not be enough to discover the magnificent spots as well as the rich culture and tradition of Sapa Vietnam.

Some of the notable places that you need to visit are Fansipan peak, Cat Cat Village, Lao Chat Village, Ta Van Village, Ta Phin Village, Ban Ho Village, Moung Hoa Valley, Ham Rong Mountain, Bac Ha Market and many more.

  • Fansipan Peak – This is one of the most popular attractions in Sapa. Fansipan is the highest mountain in Indochina. This is also called as the “Roof of Indochina”. An attractive spot if you love fauna and flora as there are several species and varieties found on this mountain. This probably an interesting itinerary for day one.
  • Cat Cat village – Visiting Cat Cat village will give you the opportunity to enjoy a colorful and lively picture. When you visit this village you can able to see image of women sitting on colorful brocade with the designs of birds and flowers. You can also buy some of these fabrics. You can choose this place for you to visit on your second day of trip in Sapa.
  • Ta Phin village – Ta Phin Village is just 12 kilometers from Sapa. This is a village that will allow you to experience and see the old customs and tradition of the ethnic minority. When you visit Ta Phin Village you will experience how they are accommodating and welcoming to their visitors. They will offer you to have the chance to taste some of their traditional cuisines. Red Dao herbal bath is a must try for you to get relaxed.
  • Ban Ho village – You can trek from Sapa to Su Pan Village to reach Ban Ho Village. Getting here is somewhat a challenge because you need to trek your way to reach the village. It can be more difficult to reach the area during raining season. On the other hand, when you opt to visit this place during summer time, it will allow you to enjoy the magnificent view of the waterfalls, rice terraces, wooden house and other attractive plants.
  • Ham Rong Mountain – Ham Rong Mountain is another attractive spot that is located in Sapa Townlet. The visitors can have the chance to climb the San May or Cloud Yard to experience the impressive panorama or view of Sapa town. You can also visit the exquisite orchid gardens with nice and colorful flowers. Additionally, there are also several stones and caves found in this destination.
  • Ta Van village – Tan Van Village is a miniature village that is located in a picture perfect valley of the Muong Hoa. This is the best destination if you want to experience the unique night life in Sapa. In this area you can find spectacular spot that is worth as backdrop of your trip.
  • Sapa Ancient Rock Field – Sapa Ancient Rock field is another impressive location to visit in Sapa. This is very interesting site to visit because you can find large array of ancient rocks engraved with prehistoric images. This is an excellent site if you want to learn more about the old architecture as well as the lifestyle of Sapa people during the early centuries. This is also one of the most interesting places in Vietnam for most archeologist

Where to eat and drink

When it comes to places and accommodations and restaurants, you don’t have to worry because there are several hotels and restaurants found in the downtown of Sapa. Make sure to have a reservation for hotel early.  Try to get some Sapa travel tips and Sapa insider guide information before you arrive. Sapa is undeniably one of the top tourist destinations in Vietnam. This is an excellent place for you to appreciate the nature more.