Creative Cultural Tour

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  • Tour code: CD02
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  • Duration: 1 day,
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    This interesting creative culture tour takes you off the beaten track for an insight into local pottery, paintings and cooking.

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    Hanoi & Surroundings

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  • Practice Paintings and Pottery
  • Dine on delicious food and take in beautiful scenery.
  • Cycle through Hanoi, drink green tea and learn a few local skills.


This interesting creative culture tour takes you off the beaten track for an insight into local pottery, paintings and cooking. Perfect for those who wish to add a practical element to their holiday, this trip will be a real education into Vietnamese life and customs.

Your certified tour guide will be ready to welcome you at 7.30am in your hotel to escort you to collect your bicycle. Following a safety briefing -during which you will learn how to navigate Hanoi’s at times chaotic streets – it’s time to hit the road.

As we head over the Long Bien bridge we will use the aptly named Red River to guide us to our first port of call – the Bat Trang Pottery village – where you will be able to catch your breath and take in the skilled pottery makers before enjoying a much needed cup of green tea. You will also be able to see some wonderful old paintings. Those who wish to may also try their hand at pottery!

Following a delicious locally prepared lunch, during which you will have the chance to talk to a local potter to learn more about his trade, we will learn more about Dong Ho Painting and the skills involved to create these masterpieces. Following this creative visit we will make a visit to the stunning But Tap Pagoda, a beautiful example of Vietnamese architecture, before stopping by a local family on our way home for a brief lesson in cooking some delicious Soya Bean sauce.

Included in the tour

Round trip from Hanoi by bike

Experienced English speaking guide


Entry fees


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Sundries and Souvenirs

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